Sunday, February 20, 2011

Turning Hearts

Tonight I was reading Boom's blog and she was telling about her dad being the tooth fairy.  It was a sweet story and I was touched.  I have been wanting to do this. I was so inspired by the stories that Lyndy has been posting on her facebook page that my heart has been turned to my parents and grandparents and then to my children and grandchildren.  So I want be doing this - Writing stories that will keep long after I am gone. Stories that will connect the coming generations with those that went before, turning hearts, so to speak. Thanks, Lyndy and Boom for the inspiration. Because of you two I did it.  Tonight I started a second blog just for this purpose so I won't have to sort my art from my musings.

Hopefully over the next months and years I can create a record here that will be of benefit to the next generation.  My paternal grandmother died when I was 3 years old.  I don't remember her very well at all.  Just a few occasions and happenings.  I want my grandchildren to know and remember me when I am gone.  I want my children to know and remember their grandparents.  I want to find out more about my ancestors and post those things here too.  I hope this will be a grand adventure taking me on a journey to wherever the stories lead.  Helping those that went before become real to those who are yet to come.  Turning the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers.


  1. This is wonderful. I am so glad that my story inspired you a bit. I know so many people who have books and books of photos handed down with no notations. Eventually they get to a generation that would love to know more, but can only ask "Who is this in the picture with mom?". No one is around that knows any longer. Write stories and journal so those memories will be kept alive.
    P.S. Kicked a bit of dirt in South Dakota myself as a child on vacation. PPS. I love your script font. Happy writing.

  2. This is a beautiful blog, Mom! I'm excited to read what you write here =)